Edition 1 of the COVID 19 Contemplations


So here we are on day whatever of shelter-at-home during the COVID 19 pandemic and I have been contemplating the many things I’ve learned and observed.

I’m an introvert. I absolutely love being alone and living alone. There I said it. That was hard to admit and I didn’t consider myself an introvert because I’m always on the go doing something with people. I was thrilled when my calendar was cleared. Little by little this event was cancelled. That meeting was cancelled. The appointment was cancelled. The class was postponed. Very quickly by calendar became totally cleared.

I had actually been asking for less obligations for a long time. Some of my New Year’s Goals consisted of reading a book a month, watching an educational webinar once a week, deep cleaning my house, cooking at home and eating out less. And just like that, I was given the time and resources to accomplish these things.

I had been wanting to release weight. In fact, I had just started a workout and eating program with a good friend. We were doing great getting to the health club and changing our eating habits. Now my new goal is to avoid gaining the COVID 19 – you know like the freshman 15, the 19 pounds you can easily gain being at home for an extended time wearing pajama pants or sweat pants. There’s lots of Facebook posts about which group they will need more, Weight Watchers or AA. It’s funny, not funny.

I’ve also learned that it’s not necessary to push the soap pump all the way down to get enough soap to wash your hands. Now that I’m washing my hands all the time, that soap needs to be conserved. I bet you push that baby all the way down. I always did.

Walks have more meaning now. I look for something interesting. I use that time to call an old friend or check in on a friend. I’m actually using my cell phone for making phone calls now. What a concept!

Facebook sucked me in and I contemplated deleting the app from my phone several times. I am capable of spending too much time scrolling and reading articles. I haven’t deleted it yet, mostly because I use Facebook to communicate with my businesses. I can get caught up in the negativity and the information for hours. It’s draining. One of the tips for survival is to limit social media. I couldn’t agree more.

My day time life hasn’t changed too much. I still take care of my dad, reach out to people about their health needs, and sell items on eBay. My evening has changed dramatically. I used to be fully booked with classes and outings with friends. I had a dance class on Monday, a support group on Tuesday, social dancing on Wednesday, and Friday and Saturday were time to go out and dance with friends or visiting non-dancing friends.

This is my new normal as I live alone with my cats. They are enjoying having me home more and getting lap time. I’ve watched movies I’ve always wanted to watch – and some that were time-suckers. I’m about done with movies now and will be moving on to things that support my mind. Although I watched several food documentaries, a subject that I am fascinated with. This health and wellness coach is fascinated with food, theories, science, sustainability, toxicity, healing, natural healing – all of it. It too can become too much. I know it’s different for everyone, these are my circumstances.

I can fill my blog and social media with tips, tricks, recipes, beliefs, conspiracies, political beliefs, funny memes and I have chosen not to do any of that. I have much to say and for now I will be quiet.

My hope is that you are at a peaceful place and are getting what you need, seeing the good, and making the best of this situation. I believe we need this pause – for the earth as well as people – to visit what is really important. That’s different for everyone and we must respect that everyone is at a different place.

That’s my story for the first edition of COVID 19 Contemplations. Look for more in coming weeks.

Stay safe and wash your hands!