I’m excited to welcome you to Marge’s MISC. You will find tips, tools, and resources on your road to better health. Whether you need to make a complete change in your health or tweak a few things, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been where you are and I don’t have it perfect. I struggle with weight and exercise myself. It’s a journey and I’m here to go on that journey beside you – listening, sharing, coaching. We can make better choices, if we know about choices available to us.

I will be giving presentations in the Villa Park and Lombard area where you can get some tips. I also have the Dr. Sears class curriculum which I will be presenting as well. Currently classes are offered at the Lombard Park District. The next class, Prime Time Health begins on October 12. It’s a four week, 90 minute class and includes a booklet and many tips and tools to take charge of your health in your later years.

Connecting with you and coming along side you is my goal. This is a safe community to get education, confidence, personal growth and reap the rewards of doing better.

Join me.